Relatives & Road Trips
Artwork by Krista Botsford

November 2015-December 2015

T.B. Scott Free Library is exhibiting the art of Krista Botsford as the latest Beyond Books-Community ArtShare display through the month of December.
Botsford has worked as an artist for many years, starting with weaving and spinning, moving to pottery as a medium, and later to painting.


The themes tying together Botsford’s work are her travels and family.  While many people take travel photos, Botsford went a step further, expressing her travel experiences in other artistic forms.  While not strictly representational of her photos or experiences, the art that Botsford creates goes deeper into the perceptions and feelings inspired by her travels.


When asked how she gets her ideas, Botsford replies that they are “whatever catches my eye.”  A particularly interesting technique of Botsford’s is how she uses old snapshots of her grandmother and other relatives as artistic subject matter.  She uses a magnifying glass to capture fine detail from the black and white photos, and then converts them to color artwork.


The displayed pieces of Botsford’s collection include pottery, textiles & oil-on-canvas paintings, including several large works which have been hung on the library’s third floor walls.  You can view this display during library hours, on the third floor and on the second floor in the Carnegie Wing reading area, through the end of December.


Please visit the library to view this amazing exhibit and all the wondrous things our library has to offer.  T. B. Scott Free Library’s “Beyond Books: Community ArtShare” features a new exhibit every two months on an ongoing basis.  The program was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids.