Breyer Model Horses

From the collection of
Esther Trostle

November - December 2017

T.B. Scott Free Library’s latest Community ArtShare Display features a Breyer Horse Model collection.  Breyer horse models began production in 1950 and have been popular with horse enthusiasts ever since. Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are all handcrafted from plastic, porcelain, and resin in various sizes and are hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes. Approximately 20 different artisans handle each individual Breyer model from start to finish – a process, which, 62 years later, is still done by human hands, not machines. Even today, no two Breyer model horses are ever exactly alike!   This collection will be displayed on the library’s second floor through December.

Local resident Esther Trostle began collecting these models over four years ago.  Her collection includes over 500 models.  Spirit and Rain molds and the classic Mustang mold are among her favorites.  Since Esther’s collection is so impressive, she will switch many of the items for a new display every two weeks.   Esther states: “I am excited that I am able to purchase the new Breyer model horses and Breyer accessories for my collection at Merrill Feed Store-Heartland Cooperative here in town.”

Please visit the library to view this exhibit and all the wondrous things our library has to offer.  T. B. Scott Free Library’s “Beyond Books: Community ArtShare” features a new exhibit every two months on an ongoing basis. The program was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids.