Computer Coaching

Some libraries offer computer classes. However, we believe that, because everyone has different experiences and skills, why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach? In our Computer Coaching sessions, we won’t talk at you—we’ll work with you, in an informal and private setting, to make you more comfortable with computers and help you make them work for you. We’ll let you tap the keys and move the mouse, and learn at your speed.

Some people call themselves “computer illiterate.” NO ONE IS COMPUTER ILLITERATE. It’s just that no one has taken the time to help these folks get comfortable with a computer, what it does, and how it happens. We have the patience to help you find out what computers are about, and to begin developing skills you can practice to make computers do what you want them to.

When there are multiple Computer Coachees in a session, everybody gets their turn of personal attention. Often, your neighbor has the same questions as you, so you can learn from each other. Sometimes coachees come just to lurk—that’s computerese for observing what others are learning!

Most Computer Coachees want to learn how to do stuff on the Internet, but we’ve shown folks how to manage (move and delete) files on a computer, or move pictures or other files between digital cameras, USB drives, other devices, and a computer . We can get you an email or Facebook account—and show you how to use it.

We’ve helped folks apply for jobs, sell their stuff on Craigslist, find out how Google and other search engines work, and even play with documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Word and Excel! If you don’t have your own computer, we have laptop computers set up for you, but many Computer Coachees bring in their own computer. Often, these folks have gotten a computer as a gift from a child or grandchild, who then goes back home and can’t help them from a distance. We’ll get comfortable—with your computer or ours!

So, whether you’re an experienced user that wants to learn new skills, or a complete newbie trying to turn one on, our one-on-one Computer Coaching sessions have something for everyone. We can even cover Windows 8 issues. You can even win for coming to Computer Coaching! One attendee each month wins a doorprize, a USB drive, compliments of the Friends of T.B. Scott Library and Merrill Radio Shack. We’ll be happy to show you how to use it!

Computer Coaching sessions are held one week a month. Visit the library's Calendar for the complete schedule. If those times don’t work for you, we can arrange a session at your convenience. Contact the library at 715-536-7191 for more details.