Memorials & Donations

How to give -- Donations, Memorial Items, & Endowment Fund

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We have a selection of books and DVDs in a variety of subjects for people to chose from, either in memory of someone, or in honor of their special occasion.  To select an item from our memorial shelves stop at the Circulation desk just inside the main entrance of the library.  If you wish us to choose the item you may call 715-536-7191, e-mail our bookkeeper, Sarah Maerz, at, or use the printable donation form above.

The Endowment Fund 

The Endowment Fund was established in 1981 by the Library Board of Trustees to assure current and enduring financial support for the T. B. Scott Library by continuing the tradition of philanthropy and the spirit of innovation that built the library over 100 years ago.

 The Endowment Fund is dedicated to building a funding reserve to strengthen the library's assets beyond tax-based support and lift its resources and services to standards of excellence.

 The Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of funds to be used for special collections or projects that will enhance and sustain the innovative leadership and quality service the citizens of the Merrill area have come to expect from the library.

The Library Board has established special, separate accounts within the Endowment Fund to meet the needs of the library and to offer flexibility for donors.


 The Capital Improvements Account

The Capital Improvements Fund provides for substantial additions and/or/ repairs for buildings, materials, landscaping, furnishings and equipment that will help assure that the library will meet the needs of the people in our area for years to come.           

The Memorial Books Account

Books or other library materials may be purchased as memorials or in observance of a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, reunion, or christening through a donation to this account.          
Sub-accounts with donor or Trustee specified restrictions may be established.
     Materials purchased from these funds are designated by a special bookplate.

The Special Projects Account

Donations to this account provide funding for projects that will offer new, improved or innovative services, conveniences, programs, or collections. 
Sub-accounts may be established, with donor or Trustee specified restrictions.  
Expenditures from this portion of the Fund are not restricted to interest income only, but do require Trustee approval.


Donations to T. B. Scott Free Library

Major Donations


T.B. Scott Free Library Gifts/Memorials     September 2014

In memory of Betty Lister from Carol Torresani BRIDGE FOR EVERYONE by D. W. Crisfield.

Endowment Fund donation in memory of Jack Swope from Judith Wery.

In memory of Lois Ranker from Norma Hanson FOUR-LEGGED MIRACLES by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger (Large Print).

In memory of Ferdinand Olhoff from Darrel & Melissa Dengel FOREVER HOME by Mike Deathe CPDT-KA.

Special Projects Fund in memory of Jack Swope from Steve & Beth Plautz.

In memory of John ‘Jack’ Swope from Mary Weege GREATEST HITS by Buddy Holly (Music CD).

In memory of Jeannal Diagostine from Bill & Sandy Lussenhop LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS by James Norton; RIGHT ROSE, RIGHT PLACE by Peter Schneider.

In memory of Duane Mahn from Janice & Roger Peck, Ryan, Jenny & Brady Peck STITCHES by Ann Lamott.

In memory of Shirley Gariffa from Steve & Carol Willis TOGETHER AT CHRISTMAS by Eileen Spinelli (Youth Services).

In memory of John “Jack” Swope from David & Mary Jo Beyer & Family, Rick & Sue Beyer & Family FIELD GUIDE TO WISCONSIN STREAMS by Michael A. Miller, Katie Songer, Ron Dolen.

In memory of Elaine Drew from Jim & Deanna Koebe WOMAN OF COURAGE by Wanda E. Brunstetter (Large Print).

In memory of Roger Plamann from Jim & Deanna Koebe PORTRAITS OF THE AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN by Tadd Myers.

In memory of Elaine Drew from Dieter & Pam Nickel GRAND CANYON by Suzanne Silverthorn & I-Ting Chiang.

In memory of Florence Hutchison-Kuhn from Bonnie Thurs, Mike & Lynda Kropp, Becky Kleinschmidt, Jeff & Kathie Baumann, Wanda Dillard FRONTIER HOUSE (DVD); WILD RICE GOOSE AND OTHER DISHES OF THE UPPER MIDWEST by John G. Motoviloff.

In honor of Bob & Issie Hoff’s 65th Anniversary from Jeff & Kathie Baumann THE TAPESTRY IN THE ATTIC by Mary O’Donnell.

In memory of Edmund Krueger from Bonnie Thurs, Jeff & Kathie Baumann, Mike & Lynda Kropp HOLLYWOOD DOGS edited by Gareth Abbott with Catherine Britton.

In honor of Shirley Borchardt’s 80th Birthday from Bonnie Thurs, Mike & Lynda Kropp, Jeff & Kathie Baumann, Becky Kleinschmidt A MAN OF HIS WORD by Karen Kelly; MY ENCHANTED GARDEN by Gretchen Gibbons.

In memory of Russell Cleveland from Bonnie Thurs, Mike & Lynda Kropp, Lois & Lee Schmidt, Jeff & Kathie Baumann A CHICK ‘N’ PUG CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Sattler (Youth Services); ANIMAL ODD COUPLES (DVD); ANIMAL CAMP by Kathy Stevens; MAN BITES DOG by Bruce Kraig and Patty Carroll.

In memory of Shannon Hall from Jon & Kelly Leiskau WELL-READ WOMEN by Samantha Hahn.

In memory of Faye Reinhardt from Ron & Veenie Hornischer THE WRESTLING DRILL BOOK edited by Bill Welker.

In memory of Bill Hass from Jim & Beth Badeau A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS by Charles M. Schulz (Youth Services).

In memory of William Hass from Wally & Judy Smith CHARLEY WATERMAN’S TALES OF FLY-FISHING, WINGSHOOTING, AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS by Charley Waterman.

In memory of John Swope from Linda & Marv Hoffman MALL DOGS by Jessi Badami; WALLEYE FISHING by Judy Monroe Peterson (Youth Services).

Endowment Fund donation in memory of Genevieve McNames from Kim & Nancy Reinhardt.

In memory of Anita Goetter from Carole & Tom Hoge THE SMART GUIDE TO BRIDGE by Brent Manley.

In memory of Chuck Ambrose from Vic & Therese Kanitz EARTH FROM SPACE by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Endowment Fund donation from the Harry & Betty Osness Fund of InFaith Community Foundation.