Featured Artist

Pat Burg

The library’s current Community ArtShare exhibit is a fascinating variety of cool machines that many young people will only know about if they’ve seen pictures on the Internet—although even the kids may recognize that most of these units have—a keyboard! Local resident Pat Burg has her collection of typewriters on display at the library..

Typewriters have a historical Wisconsin connection, as the first typewriter developed for commercial use was the Sholes & Glidden Type Writer, which began production in late 1873 in Milwaukee.
Pat’s passion for typewriters shows through in this backstory:

A summer DNR Auction really fueled my passion for collecting almost anything with keys and a keyboard. They were bidding on a lot of electric comptometers (fancy heavy clunky calculators of the 40s and 50s)…at the end, there were about 20 left with the one I wanted still there. They put up the lot of 20 for bid, I said $1 and they were mine. My long suffering husband Tom and I lugged them home. After this start, we seemed to find typewriters and adding machines at every rummage sale, antique shop and auction. Amazingly there was little competition for these beautiful and intriguing machines. Many would just turn up on my doorstep, or were birthday and holiday gifts as Tom would find some new treasure and lug it home for me - sometimes with a bit of gold ribbon tied to it. From there I branched out into wood and metal type - my Dad found me a small Kelsey Printing Press, Tom found a printer who was going out of business and got me some great metal type - although the small type was already in a box for the scrap yard so to this day (probably 20 years or so) it is still not sorted out. I culled my collection a year ago from 300 machines to 180 or so along with a few early electric cash registers, a teletype machine, etc. I probably still love the typewriters the best - I don't know if I have a favorite, but the some of the more interesting are the Calligraph - in the display, the early "ball" typewriters from the late 1890s Hammond and Chicago, a Fox typewriter made in Appleton, WI, and on the other end of the spectrum a cheap white plastic Russian typewriter. While many of my machines are not in pristine condition, they all have some kind of a story to tell and I kind of like the way they look a bit ruffed up and used. I hope you enjoy some of my treasures and maybe they will instill a new hobby or interest for you!

Please visit the library to view this amazing exhibit and all the wondrous things our library has to offer. T. B. Scott Free Library’s “Beyond Books: Community ArtShare” features a new exhibit every two months on an ongoing basis. The program was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids.

Tax Forms

January 23, 2015 Update: The following Wisconsin Tax Forms arrived today:

1-111 2014 Form 1 - Instructions
1-116 2014 Schedule -H/H-EZ - Homestread Credit w/ Instruction Booklet
1-010 2014 Form 1 - Tax Form
1-017 2014 Rent Certificate for Homestead Credit Claims
1-117 2014 Forms 1A and WI-Z Instructions
1-080 2014 Form 1A - Tax Form
1-090 2014 Form WI-Z Tax Form
1-050 2014 Form 1 NPR Nonresident & Part-Year Resident Income Tax Form

These are located on the third floor of the T.B. Scott Free Library.

January 12, 2015 Update: We have just been notified that, due to federal budget cuts, the IRS will stop sending most tax forms to libraries. As a result, T.B. Scott Free Library will be receiving the following federal tax forms: 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ. These three forms are the only free materials offered this year. However, staff will be available at the library to help you find and print the forms and instructions you want at .15 a page. You may also visit the IRS website to print your own forms at home, or have forms personally sent to you by the IRS via postal mail.

As of this date, we expect to receive 2014 Wisconsin State tax forms and instructions this year for free distribution.

Featured Library Events

Health Care Help 1/24/15 10:00-2:00, 2/9/15 3:00-7:00

The Affordable Health Care Act open enrollment period begins November 15. Ensure that you are prepared by meeting with a certified assister from Bridge Community Health Clinic in Wausau. Certified Application Counselors will help you learn important dates, terms, and help with any questions that you may have. Join us in the Community Room.

Milwaukee Bucks Reading Challenge Jan 2nd through Feb 27th 2015

The 2015 Milwaukee Bucks Reading Challenge is beginning! Scorecards are available in the Youth Services department to keep track of pages read. Reading 500 pages or more qualifies readers for a free ticket to a Milwaukee Bucks game, Bucks’ stickers, and a chance to win a prize in a local drawing. Readers who log more than 750 pages and attend one of the games may be randomly selected for special recognition at the game. Stop in at the library to register.